I’ve been having so much fun writing novels and short stories. I have several done and one day soon, they’ll all be looking for homes in the publishing world. The fun of writing comes from having an idea, researching and world building, putting characters into challenging messes and mashing it all together.

Here are some of my projects.


The Last Priest of Minoa

Ketan’s entire world is falling apart: his father mysteriously dies, his forbidden love is desired by a foreign prince, assassins are after him and the high priestess covets his powers while the overseer plots to control the kingdom. All this happens just when he must pass a final test before inheriting his position as High Priest. Ketan relies on the rules to guide him and to protect his people from the God of Thundering Mountain. But there are no rules for the treacherous Temple Palace politics which vie for his allegiance, assassination attempts, his mother disowning him, and a Hittite prince wooing his girl. As he maneuvers through the chaos to keep his girl and to find his father’s killer, he doesn’t count on is losing his magic and being brutally betrayed by someone he trusts.


A Heart of Stone

Never having come to terms with her mother’s bizarre death at Avebury Henge, Tessa grudgingly joins her father’s expedition to discover what ancient secret held by a Henge rock killed her. To everyone’s delight and horror, they discover an alternate word trapped in a curse. Never having had the love she craves from her father, Tessa’s need for love jeopardises the expedition when leaders from two warring tribes vie for her hand. But the secret of love isn’t the only discovery Tessa must unravel. Clues about a lost Roman legion and their Celtic lovers are found, and if Tessa doesn’t solve the mystery of their disappearance and uncover this world’s dark secret, she and the expedition members may be trapped in this world forever.


The Rules of Magic Trilogy

Prince Po is a diligent child who doesn’t know that magic exists within him because the rules say it doesn’t exist at all. Prince Po will be darned if he’ll accept magic’s presence let alone use it to save his father and his kingdom because his father’s approval means everything to him. Caught in a nightmare where his training to follow the Royal Rules betrays him, compromise is difficult as is trusting a wizard girl who claims to know everything yet knows nothing. Like Jesse in Bridge to Teribithia, Po must find the courage to change his rigid views to accept his own magic. But, like Bastian in The Neverending Story, Po faces these changes when he’s thrown into a fantastical world where he must commit to his quest to save his kingdom.

Book 1: Stone Saddle

Book 2: Stone Spirit

Book 3: Stone Wizard


Chefette Mystery Series

Chefette, an 11 year old skate boarding chef, solves mysteries so she can keep her catering business and stay out of jail.

Missing Jewels
When Chefette is accused of stealing jewels from a catering client she’s determined to find the thief so she doesn’t lose her business and end up in jail.

Dead Chef Cook-off
Chefette will be charged with murder unless she can figure out who poisoned Chef Bobby at a culinary competition.

The French Recipe Caper
Chefette will be disgraced and banned from Europe’s finest kitchen unless she discovers who stole the Chef’s secret recipe.


Fables and Fairy Tales (Canadian Lore)

Sonny and Jimmy Holiday Adventure Series

Two middle grade boys solve mysteries when they encounter fantastic beings in holiday centred adventures.

The Disappearing Present
Presents won’t be delivered unless Sean and Craig figure out the lost security code for the sleigh’s magic polish.

The Missing Key
St. Patrick’s day celebrations will be cancelled if the boys can’t help a mischievous leprechaun find the key to the pot of gold.

The Amazing Corn Maze   
The fall fair will be cancelled if the boys can’t solve why people go missing in the corn maze and stop the talking crows and walking scarecrows from scaring everyone away.

Labour Day
Labour Day’s no picnic when lazy trolls kidnap the boys and make them work in an underground mine.

The Horn of Plenty
There’ll be no turkey dinner if the boys can’t find the horn of plenty and convince Christopher Columbus he isn’t afraid of water.

More Fables

The Girl Who Became King

The Not-So-Good Companion

Fortune Teller’s Gold

Unicorn King

Sonia Natyshak

A Tale of an Ordinary Girl

Stitches of Life

Santene Peaty and the Enchanted House of Horror


Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction are stories less than 1,000 words. Here’s a piece I wrote for a public reading and it’s only 498 words long. Enjoy!


The name’s Mario Spinelli, Ace Detective. At least I was until the ace in my sleeve slid out and I ended up in a trash bin.

If I’da won that pot and I could’a paid the back-rent and the next three months.

I crawled outa the trash bin. I still needed a place to sleep. Then I saw a sign in a window. I went to investigate. ‘Cause that’s what I do.

Space for Rent, it said. Cash or Trade. Cash I didn’t have. Trade I did.

A sweet looking dame with bouncy black hair, deep blue eyes and pouty red lips greeted me. Lady Luck smiled on me.

“Need a room,” I said. “Got no cash. Will trade for rent. Unless, you have a full house?”

She took me to a table and slid a crystal ball my way. I hated this mumbly-jumbly crap.

“Can’t trade rent for this,” I said. “It’s not my gig.”

“Even the wheel of time needs help.” She pressed my hands against the ball. “You will pay rent with trade?”

Looking into her deep blue eyes, I felt woozy. “Sure,” I drooled.

“Then, spin my wheel of time.”

The dame’s voice sounded far away and I found myself looking into fish bowl eyes, cavernous nostrils filled with spiny hairs and a pouty smile revealing garage-door teeth.

“Hey!” I squealed. I squealed!

I scrambled. I scrambled!

The room began to spin. I was a hamster in a crystal ball, spinning the dame’s wheel of time.

I ran the crystal wheel whenever the broad had a client. She never dealt a fair hand and always raked in the dough.

Soon, I’d had enough of playing the crystal wheel, hypnotising ‘em while she told ‘em crap. It wasn’t the steel wheel I was used to. No place to hide my ace. Just spinning ‘round and ‘round. A permed house wife, wanted to know if her husband was cheating. She needed ME. Not this broad. I had to fold, even if it meant becoming hamster stew in a trash bin. So I stopped running. The crystal wheel stopped spinning. And then the perm saw me.

“Eeeeeek!” she screamed. “A rat!”

“Hamster!” I squealed.

The perm grabbed the ball and held it over her head.

Little brown pellets filled the crystal ball. I couldn’t help it.

The perm smashed the ball against the table.

Little brown pellets rolled like dice across a craps table. Had I rolled a Hard 8 or had I crapped out? I didn’t know. I was never good at the game.

I landed on my two feet. Two feet! I was myself again! And I walked, leaving the hysterical perm with the dame.

I’d learned my lesson. No more cards for me. Sometimes, luck isn’t an ace in the hole, but a crap shoot. I needed rent and I’d heard’a some tables at the back of Al’s Diner. So, I went to investigate. ‘Cause I’m Mario Spinelli and that’s what I do.